Vision from the Inner Eye - A L Syed

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This book is a tribute to Abid Milan Lal Mian Syed--the man and his work. His exceptional technical skill and artistic eye, in a career spanning 70 years, produced hundreds of striking black-and-white images that are a treasure of India's photographic heritage. He first gained a reputation as the most loved official state photographer for the royal families of Palanpur in Gujarat and of other princely states of India in the 1920s. He went on to become a talented portraitist and was soon traveling around the country with his Rolleicord camera ever near to capture his perception of many diverse subjects, from landscapes to architecture to day-to-day life to nature. With his brilliant use of light and shadow, his genre compositions are like works of abstract art. His most famous photograph, Traveller of the East, brought international acclaim, and his work continued to win numerous contests, competitions and awards both nationally and internationally.