Thota Vaikuntam, Black and White (Set of 12) Digital Print on Hahnemuelhe Archival Paper

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Thota Vaikuntam hails from Telangana and finds his inspiration in the rural areas of the state. Men and women of his village are often the central characters of his work. Telangana women, in particular, are his frequent muses. The obsession can be traced back to his childhood, when he used to be fascinated by the male artists who used to impersonate female characters in the travelling theatre groups that performed in his village. He admits finding the women of his village very sensuous and that he only attempts to capture their vibrancy. Vaikuntam’s art has a sense of strength to it, a power that emanates from the paint or charcoal that he applies to the surface, from his controlled lines, and from the fine strokes that he executes. 

The prints are signed by the artist.

Mounted, comes in a cardboard box.