Surya Prakash, Venicescapes (Set of 12)

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Surya Prakash, for years, is known for his pristine landscape paintings that have established him with a designated signature - a new visual play made possible by creative and emotional feel. Venicescapes, his new series of works on canvas as well paper in acrylic come as a surprise, moving away to represent and render one of the most vibrant cities in Italy.

The limpidity of the water has magical qualities that challenge the artist to capture its myriad moods with shifting shadows of ephemeral light dancing on its evanescent surface together with the reflections of structures - age old, pale, smoky and brownish - standing out as if floating on the shimmering waters alongside boats,  gondolas, vaporetti on the Grand Canal. Venice is seductive, most sublime, thrilling to the heart - lovely and inspiring.


The prints are signed by the artist. Shipped flat in a folder.

Dimensions mentioned on the prints are of original artwork.

29.5" x 21.5"