Surya Prakash, Digital Prints (Set of 12)

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"My paintings are about the elements in nature, space, light and colour. I would collect my images from visual vocabulary, which are subtle sensuous and calm. My thought process is to work towards a celebration of nature." Surya Prakash.

Surya Prakash captures the heavenliness of native landscapes in various hues focusing on the landscapes and forest-scapes sensitively and consistently. Each and every work appears to record different shades of the beauty of nature that lies around him- as if an act of homage and an expression of gratitude. There exists luminosity and an enchantment that seduces the onlooker. The translucence of colours and an exuberance of forms treated with an almost microscopic clarity are the distinctive features of his work.

The prints are signed by the artist. Shipped flat in a folder.

Dimensions mentioned on the prints are of original artwork.

17" x 11"