Mission to Kabul - H. Ronken Lynton

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Mission to Kabul is a story of passion, trust, betrayal, love, political intrigue, and espionage, set against an authentic historical canvas accurately depicting life in 19th-century South Asia. Muslim custom dictated that the eldest son inherited the father's responsibility for the family. In this story, Mahmoud, the elder brother, steps into the younger one's love affair to protect him. As a consequence, Mahmoud is jailed and later forced to undertake a secret mission to Afghanistan, whose mountains are the pivot of great power intrigue. On his trek through the mountains to return to India, he is attacked by the Waziri tribe, with surprising results. The story of Hamid, the younger brother, weaves in and out of Mahmoud's. It includes accounts of the life of women in purdah and various family and religious customs.