Malvika Reddy - Ganesha 1 - Archival Ink On Archival Paper - Limited Edition

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Malavika Reddy endeavours in the genre of psychedelic art which usually involves the influence of recreational drugs, or getting into a altered state of consciousness by attempting any of these massively potenet drugs. Her very message in her work is one doesn't need to be high on such recreational drugs to push one's creativity. Malavika has shown how all this can be achieved in her work only through her own intensity and the will to create something that magnanimous. She is being spritually inclined, made it even smoother for her to achieve this style of art, as she explored the very forms of the Indian deities to show the depth in her work. Malavika Reddy, born in Hyderabad , has completed her BFA in Fine Arts, specialising her painting from Maharaja Sayyaji Rao University of Baroda.

The print is signed by the artist. Shipped flat in a folder.