Learning from Delhi: Practising Architecture in Urban India - Gert Jan Scholte, Pelle Poiesz and Sanne Vanderkaaij Gandhi

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Features interviews with several eminent practitioners -Features essays by a variety of local and international experts -The material is accompanied by a previously unpublished photo essay by Bas Losekoot After the success of Learning from Mumbai (Mapin 2013) the authors of the Learning from India series continue their journey to unravel the lessons that can be learned from practising architecture and urban planning India's bustling cities. This time, their focus is the country's capital: New Delhi. Boasting numerous essays and maps, Learning from Delhi lays the groundwork for a series of interviews with architects and planners based in the city. Fresh talent finds a place in this volume, and is showcased alongside the work of established institutions. Abstract theoretical explorations are placed within the local framework through the perspectives of scholars such as Pradip Krishen and Mohammed Shaheer, who are familiar with the city and its buildings. These Indian narratives on Delhi and its developmental life are balanced by the take of foreigners such as Joeri Aulman. A special place in this volume has been reversed for Bas Losekoot's remarkable photo essays, which bring the city to life in a way never-before seen. Learning from Delhi will be of significance to both students and practitioners of architecture and planning, as well as people interested in Delhi and its built environment.