Gifts of Earth - Stephen P. Huyler

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Clay has been essential to Indian culture past and present. It has been a perfect vehicle for Indian creativity throughout the ages. The shapes and styles of items made of clay are innumerable. Many of the potters who make them act dual roles as craftsmen and as links to the god. Their products are often remarkably similar to those found in ancient archaeological sites and many potters believe that they are directly descended from India’s earliest craftsman. India’s million and more potters more than in any other country make items for every conceivable household use. The potters sculpt images used in religious ceremonies, the most spectacular of which are magnificent horses and elephants nearly six metres tall, the largest terracottas ever created! Every community, however small, usually incorporates at least one working potter, while towns and cities have large potting communities In a text sumptuously illustrated in colour, the ethnologist, author and photographer Stephen P. Huyler surveys this exciting craft through examples from all over India. He documents contemporary potters and their techniques of production, exploring comparisons of the products with those of ancient India.