Devi: Mother Of My Mind - Suzanne Ironbiter

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Devi: Mother of My Mind is a creative interaction with India’s Yoga, Shakta, and Tantra traditions. This book uses the epic literary genre to imagine the mind-liberating struggle of these teachings. It combines academic study and translation with the meditative quest and questions of a woman and mother. The goddess Devi symbolizes the wholeness of life, the vital continuum interconnecting body and spirit. She is also the Great Mother, the perennial gestator, birthgiver. The goddess traditions of India preserve, develop, and practice the most completely female-oriented system in the religious history of the world. Devi celebrates and proclaims this powerful counterbalance to dominant male-oriented externalized systems. Internalized myths, philosophies, legends, songs, and rituals gradually move the narrator towards their inherent wholeness. An appendix gives the details of the sources and contexts of the devi traditions in India.