Avijit Dutta, Life is a Deck of Cards (Set of 55)

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Born in Kolkata, India, artist Avijit Dutta’s curiosity and interest to know about the past lives of people and their lifestyle has always been profound which is reflected in his works repeatedly. In this work, Avijit has tried to bring forward the significant role of life, symbolized as a deck of cards. Each of the cards are demarcated phases of life from childhood followed by the values which assist us with the passage of time, with an intention to showcase that which would help us to simplify and understand our journey - from a simple to a complex being unintentionally.

The essence of the youth in the past, the nostalgia, prompted the artist to capture them through the process of painted vintage photographs bound by old Victorian frames. 

Digital Print on Paper 10.8 x 14.25 inches.

The prints are signed by the artist.

Mounted, comes in a cardboard box.

Size : 9 x 7 inches - 52 works 

Size : 13.5 x 10 inches - 3 Works

Set of 55 works